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1/ The crushed velvet effect will never get old! Subtle and still such a statement!

What is Velvet nail art?

From leggings and dresses to couches and even lamps, velvet textiles are taking over. And now, the luxuriously soft fabric is making its way to the beauty scene with nails that seem to mimic the beloved fuzzy finish. Fittingly, this new nail trend has been dubbed velvet nails. Velvet nails are the latest manicure trend to hit our radar and we're more than a little obsessed. These manicures are characterized by shimmering, semi-metallic polishes that, in the right light, look just like velvet.
Now, this year's velvet nail trend is not to be confused with the manicure trend that involved velvet-textured stick-on nails a couple of years back, no, the velvet hook in this year's velvet manicure trend lies in the way this particular nail look shimmers in the light. The nail polish used (normally gel polish) is made with very finely milled glitter that, when painted onto your nails, reflects the light in the same way that a luxe crushed velvet might.

What Nail Polish Should I Use For A Velvet Manicure?

You don't want just any old glitter polish. The glitter needs to be very finely milled for the ultimate crushed velvet effect.
Unlike some nail trends, velvet nails typically rely solely on the velvety appeal to make a statement. While some artists will use the finish—which is most often created with flocking powder or magnetic polishes—to create elevated French manicures or abstract designs, for the most part, it comes down to perfectly-painted solid velvet shades. And, there are many. From sage green and amethyst to champagne and burnt orange, there are plenty of different hues to choose from.
Remember, you can achieve a velvet finish even if you don’t dedicate your full nail to the trend. And, if you want to have even more fun with it, consider opting for different colors on each hand.
When it comes to in-salon appointments just show your nail artist those nail pictures that you want to get. A top-notch and professional nail salon can create whatever design for your fingertips.

2/ Matte nails – stylish, elegant, and trendy!

Matte nails look stylish and very unusual and at the same time – very feminine. One of its undeniable advantages is that this type of nail artwork with the strictest dress code even when choosing the brightest color. The secret is that this effect subdues the brightness a little, without affecting the shade itself. For the last year, matte nail art has become especially popular and this is an excellent option for an elegant and self-confident woman. If you prefer a more discrete version of manicure, choose beige, wine, or black colors. The fans of something brighter can opt for perfect mint, pink and red shades. You can combine the design of nails with glossy elements, some glitter or with tiny ornaments.

Tip to get the best matte nail designs:

The matte manicure looks great on long nails, as well as nails of medium length but is not the best of ideas for short nails.

What is important to know about matte nails?

In the first place, you have to realize that this type of finish is less resistant than its glossy counterparts. When you have chosen that type of manicure it is not recommended to use a base. Matte nail polish has a viscous and dense texture, which makes quite a thick layer on the nails and you wouldn’t want to add extra thickness.
Keep in mind that such varnishes dry slower than glossy nail polish and it needs at least 20 minutes to dry completely. Another consideration that you need to keep in mind is that matte varnishes and oil products interact in much the same way as oil and water and when you want to have a beautiful manicure avoid lotions and creams for cuticles with oils and, as an extra precaution, before applying the nail polish, de-grease the nail plate with a nail polish remover. And finally, do not forget that most often chips are formed at the tip of the nail. Apply the lacquer along with the nail plate but always seal the tips.

How to choose trendy colors for your matte nails?

The right choice of colors for your manicure will depend on the season, whether you need an office-appropriate manicure or you are going on vacation, etc. Let’s look at some examples.

  • Gray nail color with matte effect usually reminds of cold rainy autumn and winter days. This is a great look, especially if you keep your nails short and with an oval shape.
  • Red nail polish never really goes out of fashion. This color is classic and there are different variations – whether light or dark, pale or bright – you decide for yourself. This color should not be underestimated.
  • If you have chosen a delicate nail design choose delicate shades and colors. You can add rhinestones of different sizes and give a festive look to the manicure.
  • Autumn nails in brown can be done by nail art beginners. You will need nail polish in an autumnal color like chocolate brown, with which you can create a gentle matte look. You could use adhesive tape to make the lines precise.
  • Trendy matte nails work with stiletto shapes as the fingers look even longer, elegant and modern. This shape is suitable for women who have short fingers and broad nail plates. Be careful, however, because the Stiletto is more appropriate for a party looks during the weekend and the manicure is not accepted as office appropriate.
  • Gradient manicure is an absolute trend. You can even try to do the ombre effect at home with the help of a sponge. You can apply two colors to the sponge and paint the nails. Clean the remnants around the nails and apply a topcoat for an even finish.

Choose your favorite style and get your nails done at the highest quality nail salon in your neighborhood!

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